Timeout speaks to Abrantee

Q. What does the term ‘Afrobeats’ mean?

A. Afrobeats is a Music Genre – its birth was a combination of traditional Yoruba music from Nigeria, jazz, highlife, funk , fused with vocal styles. It was made famous by the late great Fela Kuti and Tony Allen.
More recently its bolted many forms of modern music onto its sound and i have heard it described as “the new sound of the UK Underground” also “a new global pop phenomena” etc etc. To me its just great great music that has been embraced by young London but is appreciated and danced to by all races , the young and the old.

Q. Where did the music originate?
A.The term originated in Nigeria and Fela Kuti and Tony Allen were its leading exponents .

Q. How did you get into it?
A. I was born into it through my mum and dad as Ghanaian music was influenced by Fela kuti who created the afrobeat sound.

Q. What instruments does it use?
A. Any instruments can be used to make the Afrobeats sound.

Q. What three artists should I have heard of?
A. D’banj, Atumpan, May7ven

Q. What one song should I have heard of?
A. Oliver Twist

Q. Who’s your favourite artist personally?
A. Wow i have so many but at the moment D’banj

Q. Is Afrobeats sexy?
A. Extremely

Q. Is it misogynistic?
A. No way!!! women RULE the floor at Afrobeats gigs-our shows are packed with women and they rule -we love our women -full stop!

Q. What’s the lingo I should know?
A. You should know